Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤More #Pokimane❥ Subscribe❥ Most recent video: ❥ My biggest video:❥ My favorite Pokimane videos:❥ My Fortnite videos:❥ Fortnite Duos:❥ Fortnite featured matchups:❥ Latest videos playlist:❥ My League of Legends videos:❥ My Vlogs:❥ My best videos:❥ Pokimane Cosplay:❥ Poki ASMR Channel:❤Follow Pokimane ❤Merch ➡ http://www.pokimerch.comDiscord ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ Add "pokimane" :)Facebook ➡ computer ➡ my Amazon Documentary - Streaming IRL ft. Pokimane!: you'd like to support my channel further, download Fortnite using this link here: (sponsored link) 😀I opened up a PO box! 😄❤️Pokimane (or Imane)1171 S Robertson BlvdNumber 521Los Angeles, CA 90035❤About Pokimane❤Hey! My name's Imane, but you can call me Poki/Pokimane :) I'm a content creator, and I mostly play Fortnite and League of Legends, but I also love to dabble in other games, as well as some ASMR on my 2nd channel. Edited & Produced By BeeCoy ➡ Song by Tobias: Song: D'Andre Martin - Look at My Life#PokimaneDNATest #DNATest #AncestryTest #DNAResults #23andMe #Ancestry


  • Pokimane
    Pokimane  3 months ago +7802

    Thank you all so much for watching <3 What else would you like to see me do in a future video? Let me know below!

  • PoodleExtras
    PoodleExtras  3 months ago +2147

    Does this mean Poki can say the N-word?

  • Srihari 123
    Srihari 123  1 months ago +577

    Starts at 6:40
    Like to pay

    MVP SGTV  1 months ago +772

    84% morroco
    1.5% asian
    1.5% takes dominant traits

  • hrbo starmixz
    hrbo starmixz  2 months ago +576


  • Electra !
    Electra !  1 months ago +81

    I'm 70% water 💧 (science with Abbie)

  • Chuwie
    Chuwie  5 days ago +39

    "Both of my parents have black hair and I don't"
    Points at black roots...

  • OK
    OK  2 months ago +184

    Poki can say the N-Word!

  • Josh George
    Josh George  4 days ago +7

    i’m sri lankan and i got 100% sri lankan. i was disappointed :/

  • Hore Store
    Hore Store  1 months ago +99

    Spanish/Portuguese ancestry is very common in Moroccans and Algerians. After the Reconquista, a lot of the indigenous Spanish and Portuguese people who converted to Islam were forced to flee to North Africa to avoid forced conversion to Christianity or execution.

  • Max Thompson
    Max Thompson  3 days ago +4

    She said "Sowthern"
    I don't think she knows its not pronounced like that

  • Local Spy 42
    Local Spy 42  5 days ago +14

    This basically means Poki can say the n word 👌🏽

  • skylarz
    skylarz  2 months ago +55

    when poki went into “🇫🇷” mode, i felt that.

  • AK1D
    AK1D  4 days ago +8

    people who see the results of her being 85 percent North African: SHES AN IMPOSTER TO OUR ASIAN FAMIRY!!!!!
    then sees shes .1 percent Asian: I am satisfied

  • Captain Abdi
    Captain Abdi  3 months ago +3036

    James Charles just French kissed you —————-like to undo——————

  • Anil Rampersad
    Anil Rampersad  1 months ago +26

    I just took a DNA test and I'm 100% a golden retriever

  • RandomisedGaming
    RandomisedGaming  yesterday

    Not a single doubt that you’re asian, not one single doubt.

  • Lemmy The_goat
    Lemmy The_goat  yesterday

    85 percent África you should pet a 🦁 lion

  • xckj
    xckj  1 months ago +15

    23andme: your European
    Poki: but my privilege
    23andme: nah it’s Spanish don’t worry
    Poki: oh dope

  • Dylan Valentine
    Dylan Valentine  3 months ago +818

    Pokimane:”my parents both have black hair but I don’t”
    points to black hair