NBA teams should tank for Zion Williamson - Stephen A. Smith | First Take



  • Cody Frazier
    Cody Frazier  2 hours ago

    The end was some of the best stuff I've heard come out of max

  • GodIsreal
    GodIsreal  3 hours ago

    Tank you Stephen keep on tanking my Chicago Bulls good job!!! Tank you

  • Chosenxeno
    Chosenxeno  6 hours ago

    I'm a Philly dude. Hoping the Knicks get him. East Coast shit lol

  • Money Chaser
    Money Chaser  8 hours ago

    I think the the teams that end up in the finals should be two of the teams in the lottery. Its only right. Then they could get rid of some decent players that teams would love to have or give the pick away. Either way they earn the right to stay a force. That'll stop teams front tanking so much. Then it would become a more competive league

  • Matthew Eliah
    Matthew Eliah  10 hours ago

    Bulls please fucking lose!

  • Kessel Bloxk
    Kessel Bloxk  10 hours ago +1

    The lottery rigged so Ik my Knicks gettin the first pick

  • Kessel Bloxk
    Kessel Bloxk  10 hours ago +1

    That’s what luka was last year yet 2 teams passed and another traded him

  • Star Life
    Star Life  12 hours ago

    Zion just another giannis

  • MrFuchew
    MrFuchew  13 hours ago

    love a seinfeld reference

  • Eerhan Big ears
    Eerhan Big ears  15 hours ago

    Bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls Zion if your reading this come to the greatest city in America we need you be the next Michael

  • Roger Roomes
    Roger Roomes  16 hours ago

    Chicago needs to step up and take Zion and form a great team around him. BUT, they need a good coach to do that as well

    UNCOMMON TV  17 hours ago

    Steph Like ... Uhuh Uhuh Uhuh

  • Xavier Biggerstaff
    Xavier Biggerstaff  18 hours ago

    I pray the bulls get Zion lol

  • lolhahah21
    lolhahah21  19 hours ago

    "Zion: I kind of hate being classified as a dunker." Then FUCKING STOP DUNKING SO MUCH. LOLLL like even Michael Jordan didn't dunk that much.

  • Rahaman Awelenje
    Rahaman Awelenje  20 hours ago

    Wow😑😑this mad is beyond a Hypocrite , a Sellout & just Delusional, This SAS same man that blasted teams for Tanking just wow

  • Dave Wray
    Dave Wray  22 hours ago

    New yolk?

  • Dave Wray
    Dave Wray  22 hours ago

    Why is George Jefferson sitting in for Smith?

  • O Dogg
    O Dogg  23 hours ago

    rj is nothing special barret

  • Joku Sekou
    Joku Sekou  yesterday

    300 lbs .
    67 vert
    Big dick balls touch the toilet water ..
    Stephen A . Everyday

  • Leezy
    Leezy  yesterday

    As a Pels fan we would like you to strongly consider us as the worst team in the NBA. Anthony Davis does not factor into this as he is a team by himself and should not be taken into consideration when discussing the matter. We will gladly accept the number 1 pick in the draft this year. Thanks.