POWERbot™ captured with Galaxy S9's Super Slow-mo│Samsung

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 28, 2018
  • POWERbot™ powerfully cleans even the most hard-to-reach areas. Slowing down the robot vacuum cleaner with Super Slow-mo allows you to clearly see its powerful suction, which delivers optimal cleaning results with 40x more suction power than the previous model.For more information: http://spr.ly/6050DlNmo


  • Shubham Mishra
    Shubham Mishra  a years ago +22

    Amazing! Wish if samsung could like my comment!!

  • everyone buy samsung
    everyone buy samsung  a years ago +17

    Samsung product are best

  • Seth FREAKIN Rollins
    Seth FREAKIN Rollins  a years ago +6

    I used this phone for a while...wow so beautiful...so smooth...great performance...but can't afford

  • Aseel Club
    Aseel Club  a years ago +8

    I'm using samsung note 8 and it has slow mo but not that slow!! But I am in love with the camera uhg

  • MrRiggyRiggs
    MrRiggyRiggs  a years ago +10

    My s8+ still running excellent!

  • Calean Sixes
    Calean Sixes  a years ago +6

    Dunno what this ad was trying to advertise more, the slow mo in the phone or the power of the cleaner.

    DEADSHOT GAMING  a years ago +5


  • Juice
    Juice  a years ago +27

    Thanks to the S9 Plus I have close to 20k YouTube subscribers. Thank God for the new camera system. =)

  • redhead 515
    redhead 515  a years ago +5

    I want one.

  • Muhammad Affan
    Muhammad Affan  a years ago +9


  • Aseel Club
    Aseel Club  a years ago +1

    No views and 75 likes wow

  • Karim Francesco Azzeddine

    2 spots in 1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Altamash Parwaiz
    Altamash Parwaiz  a years ago +1

    We want back IR BLASTER

  • evannowl
    evannowl  a years ago

    Thank you Sony for announcing the world 1st super slow mo 960p in a smartphone to the world so others like Samsung can follow.

  • Marty S
    Marty S  a years ago

    Thx for fantastic s9+ with exynos on board ...Best phone best root and best odex custom rom by alexndr😁

  • Oh snap
    Oh snap  a years ago

    PowerBot ..thats what my Hoes friends call me ...

  • ꧁༺Ambient Lens Photography ༻꧂

    I Still Prefer Dyson Over This...

  • Altamash Parwaiz
    Altamash Parwaiz  a years ago +2

    Want 480fps option also

  • earthian11
    earthian11  a years ago

    I’ve had the S8, and every time I see another cool feature from the S9, I think to myself if only the S9 was the S8 lol.

  • Velin Caroline Hua

    ^ω^ My Life Feel so Slowly 🐌🐌