Checking out the worlds cheapest Supercars at Copart Auto Auction. lamborghini samcrac

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 1, 2018
  • First video, Inspecting Supercars at copart! Will be doing Many more Uploads! Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ Project car coming soon! Stay Tuned! Follow MeSnapchat: John_StaxTwitter: LINK: thanks to my favorite youtubers who inspired me: Samcrac, Tavarish, B is for build, TJ Hunt, Boosted Boiz, effspot, Stradman, Vehicle Virgins, Streetspeed717, faze rug, mrbeast, salomondrin, superspeedersrob, doctam3, bigkleib34, tommyfyea, engineering explained, doug demuro, evan shanks, dailydriven exotics


  • Thomas Griffin  1 years ago

    Painful to watch; so many dead cars.

  • jelvey Gray Smith  5 months ago

    So many cars to get them on the road again, repair it, drive it. Easy

  • Delexity Wolf  7 months ago

    Gimme one super car for cheap id revive it lol

  • Jay Chandra  11 months ago

    Plot twist: They all are Transformers, hiding in plain sight.

  • Gaming Jr  8 months ago


  • KSAM  8 months ago


  • Suprax  1 years ago

    Hard to see my dream car so lifeless. 😞

  • C1PR3SS  3 months ago

    I say the same thing everytime I look down at my little fella

  • Jurica sokolović  3 months ago

    Suprax ok ❤️❤️❤️❤️💏

  • Pavan Raut  1 years ago

    hard to see for a car lover....😢

  • The Hitman  15 days ago

    @ᏒᏋᏖᏗᏒᎴᏋᎴᎷᏋᎷᏋᏒ Well that sounds about right, if you can't afford a better car why want it 😒

  • Dan plays games  9 months ago

    Says the guy riding a motorcycle

  • JayBR01  1 years ago

    I see so many engine swap possibilities.... 😍

  • Carrera Porsche  10 days ago


  • Pbperez 210  2 months ago

    @Kevin Kelly I love V10's

  • Ratus  1 years ago

    I'm from Texas...why is there white sand everywhere?

  • DEREK CRAFT  4 months ago

    Ratus it’s not white sand it’s God’s sperm

  • Adrian Villazana  5 months ago


  • Thunder Pants  11 months ago

    Guys, dont start any car without checking everything out first. You will only damage it for the guy who can actually fix it....

  • Mak Ern  5 months ago

    @Mitch G no u

  • myveryfirstname  11 months ago

    Thunder Pants true. Car value 200k. Corrective action pull plugs, heads, check cylinders for rust, change far spoiled fluids. 5k shop investment. Reving unchecked car at auction ergo destroying motor and rendering car useless, priceless.

  • LongTimeAgo  1 years ago

    Even if most of these cars are only there for parts, closing the windows DOES HELP. If someone wants McLaren bucket/leather seats? They probably wont buy them anymore from here seen as the seats are completely soaked or worse.And that counts for all the other cars as well... Interior (and even exterior parts) hold up better when the parts that can close, are closed (like wings, trunks, etc).What a shitty way to run a business.

  • BigNick  4 months ago

    @MrYoungGun The people that work the auction arent getting paid to tape off windows, you buy the car as is

  • Alex Fuller  5 months ago

    If they’ve been crashed and air bags deployed a lot of the time the windows systems might not work anymore

  • Sagar Goudra  yesterday

    If this was India, these cars will still be on the road😂

  • El Jefe  12 months ago

    Craigslist ad: Always garage kept, never seen rain or snow. $600,000 no low ballers, I know what I have

  • Zu Riehl  5 months ago


  • Ceo Stackzz  11 months ago

    Indysilver Lmao