Weekend Update: Six-Foot-Tall Steer - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018


  • Manny Antunes
    Manny Antunes  8 months ago +2481

    why can't SNL just release weekend update as a single video?

  • Leonaza7
    Leonaza7  8 months ago +1127

    This is actually an environmentally-conscious move to reduce paper napkin waste at Starbucks.

  • Squirrel Gray
    Squirrel Gray  8 months ago +1399

    Back when presidents could have a reasonable discourse with people that poke fun at them.

  • Mercedes Martin
    Mercedes Martin  8 months ago +912

    Love SNL paying tribute to a president because he was a good sport about being made fun of.

  • geno mccgeno
    geno mccgeno  8 months ago +57

    After 2 years of trump, It's hard to remember what real presidents used to act like.

  • Ro G
    Ro G  8 months ago +500

    I don't remember much about Bush 41's presidency, but I can guarantee you that at least he didn't want to bang his own daughter, unlike our current one.

  • Leonaza7
    Leonaza7  8 months ago +610

    What a nice tribute to Former President George H. W. Bush... May he Rest In Peace!

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf  8 months ago +26

    “In all my years of government service, I never once said, ‘Nah gah dah.’ ”
    George Herbert Walker Bush
    October 22, 1994

  • ari makillan
    ari makillan  8 months ago +214

    That deforestation joke 😂😂

  • Zina J
    Zina J  8 months ago +218

    Nice piece with/about President GHW Bush. President Bush spoofed himself at President Ford's funeral by using Dana Carvey's "Wouldn't be prudent" line. RIP

  • jenpenn22
    jenpenn22  8 months ago +92

    Great video of President Bush, what a great sport!

  • H Zusman
    H Zusman  8 months ago +9

    I disagreed with his politics, but GHWB was one hell of a decent, intelligent, humble man. His public service is almost unmatched. RIP Mr. President.

  • Brandon Bujnowski
    Brandon Bujnowski  8 months ago +92

    Can Weekend Update be just one single video already? Imagine the cold open uploaded in four parts... in no particular order...

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner  8 months ago +93

    A normal sounding former president. Wow. Feels like forever since we had one those.

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox
    Zaphod Beeblebrox  8 months ago +51

    President Bush’s funeral is obviously going to be a sombre state affair with surviving Presidents being there and paying their respective tributes to him from both sides of the House.
    But what I’m Really looking forward to is Trumps funeral and the nonsensical lying they’ll assemble as a eulogy for him.
    ( knowing him, he’ll want his eulogy done in a special service while he’s Still ALIVE so he can twitter rant at people who didn’t say nice things about him).

  • Penguin Community
    Penguin Community  8 months ago +210

    That was a great tribute to George Bush Sr. What I wouldn’t give to have someone like him instead of this fool in the White House.

  • simon nomis
    simon nomis  8 months ago +18

    Good tribute to bush with class.

  • Kevin Penfold
    Kevin Penfold  8 months ago +96

    :57 what joke did they cut out?

  • Cory
    Cory  8 months ago +44

    Bush was a WWII hero and served at various levels of government including the OSS (CIA) and as VP for two terms with Reagan. I'm a Democrat but I admire and respect him 100%

  • LOGIC !
    LOGIC !  8 months ago +135

    I'm not a republican but I send my respect and condolences to the Bush family.