Manchester United v Chelsea 2008 | Champions League final highlights

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019


  • Jo Thomas  1 months ago

    Nothing better than UCL games on a Tuesday and Wednesday night On ITV with these two commentators

  • DS Intel  1 months ago

    @Rhys gelling fisher They were so bad though, didn't say anything apart from exactly what was happening on the screen

  • Noah Shenesse  1 months ago

    James Stewart no I meant Champions League football matches that were on itv like 5 years ago

  • Chrissy Bhoy  1 months ago

    Man Utd went From Vidic and Ferdinand at Centre Back to now Jones and Smalling... mental that.

  • 20 Times Man United  1 months ago

    Tbf Jones and Smalling had to potential to be England's best CB's but that was 8 years ago. They both have the odd good run of form but are ultimately not good enough and are getting worse. Both should've been moved on by now.

  • wedongo oga  1 months ago

    @Shah Rukh Khan well said mate .. that John guy is an idiot and just exposed his lack of football knowledge indeed

  • the 2000s were one of the best decades for football.

  • Callum Smith  1 months ago

    @Edward 2012 dunno about that

  • Jimy Wilde  1 months ago

    @Sir Squidey 100 points last season 98 points this season records speak louder than words

  • Ryan  1 months ago

    Can we all give BT Sport some respect for this lightning fast upload?

  • MA Productions  22 days ago

    @zaid _tube r/woooosh

  • tassa dezea  23 days ago

    zaid _tube bt sport didnt exist at that time

  • Connor Brown  1 months ago

    “What a good save by Carrick”

  • Bill Cosby  a months ago

    I feel carrick brings more experience than kepa in goal tho

  • Fossil_ Combo9  1 months ago

    Yeah he also said 90 minutes played at half time

  • Sassy Ranma  1 months ago

    A throwback to went both teams were good and City were just getting founded. Rough. 😅

  • Sassy Ranma yeah before oil money kicked in

  • xX90sWereTheDaysxX  1 months ago

    City came in 2010

  • RayIsFeelingGlitchy  1 months ago

    Scholes been dabbing way before anyone, including Pogba 1:32

  • No wonder he’s soo mad at Pogba nowadays

  • Ariyan Choudhury  1 months ago


  • Alex George  1 months ago

    Back when nobody knew who Manchester City were.

  • deejee  1 months ago

    how the tables have changed

  • Ryan X M32  1 months ago

    this dude city? shut up🤣try madrid

  • Alaa Bazzy  1 months ago

    BT Tryna make us Utd fans feel involved 😂

  • Us Arsenal fans can’t really get involved

  • Youman 2201  1 months ago

    Alaa Bazzy 😂😂

  • Nepali Guy  1 months ago

    Ronaldo was in probably the greatest utd squad ever that time. amazing team3 CL finals in 4 years. One without Ronaldo. Back to back premier league champions too in one of the most hardest era battling it out with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool.

  • Robert Munton  28 days ago

    @James Milner Hargeaves was class, just injury limited him to one proper season with United, he was a regular for Bayern for years before joining United, (including the Champions League Winning side of 2001).

  • strykah92  1 months ago

    James Milner indeed they were. In fact they already had more UCL winners medals than most of both starting 11s in this match. ;)